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1 . Renewable energy sources.

2 .Renewable enrgies in Spain.

3 .Renewable energies in home.

Renewable energies

Renewable energy is a type of energy that is produced without countaminating the nature. It can be obtained from de sun, the wind, the strength of water...They are practically inexhaustible.

Renewable energy in Spain

Solar energy: Use solar radiation through solar panels. They can be installed on roofs or in solar orchards.Wind energy: Use the strength of the wind. It does not have a regular production. Use wind turbines.It does not contaminate the atmosphere, but the isogenerators alter the landscape and cause the noise pollution.Tidal energy: Use the movement of sea water. Use an alternator.Hydraulic energy: It uses the strength of accumulated water in reservoirs. Take advantage of the strength of the water boots. In itself it is not polluting, but the construction of reservoirs has environmental impactsGeothermal energy: Use the heat that comes from the interior of the Earth.


Solar energy: consists of a series of solar panels that provide enough energy to the house.Wind energy: has a small wind generator at home that provides the necessary energy to the house.