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Source: U.S. Government Accountability Office

Infographic by Huiqi Xu

Common injuries found among meat processing workers

Workers may sustain many different types of injuries while working at meat and poultry plants.

ShoulderMusculoskeletal disorders from forceful exertions, extreme postures and repetitive movements.

HeadConcussions and cuts caused by being struck by moving equipment, carcasses, and live animals.

EarsHearing damage caused by exposure to loud machinery.

EyesBurns from chemicals and/or the steam used to sanitize tools and work surfaces.

Lower extremitiesInjuries from falls and live animals, and cuts caused by employees working too closely together.

OtherElectric shocks from machines not properly locked out, exposure to infectious diseases, and chemical burns.

Foot/ToeMusculoskeletal disorders from prolonged standing and amputations caused by machinery.

LungsRespiratory irritation or even asphyxiation from exposure to chemicals, pathogens, or gases.

TrunkBruises and fractures caused by heavy moving containers, kicks from live animals, being struck by carcasses, falling from multilevel walkways, or slipping on wet or greasy floors.

Upper extremitiesBruises and fractures, falls, being struck by carcasses, and cuts caused by employees working too closely together.

Hand, wrist, and fingersCuts, lacerations, amputations from knives and machinery, musculoskeletal disorders from vibrating tools, awkward postures, forceful exertions, repetitive movements, and cold temperatures.

BackSprains and strains from lifting heavy objects or repetitive lifting of lighter objects.