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By Laura Padilla and Patricia Sánchez

Renewable energy is the energy that is obtained from virtually inexhaustible natural sources, either because of the immense amount of energy they contain, or because they are capable of being regenerated by natural means.

Renewable energy sources.

-Renewable energy sources

  • Biomass
  • Wind
  • Geothermal of Lower Entalpia
  • Marine
  • Mini hydraulics
  • Solar photovoltaic

Types of renewable energy



It is one of the oldest energy resources exploited by humans and is today the most mature and efficient energy of all renewable energies. The term "aeolian" comes from the Latin "aeolicus", pertaining to or relative to Eolo, God of the winds in Greek mythology.
It consists of converting the energy produced by the movement of the blades of a wind turbine driven by the wind into electrical energy.


It is an organic matter of vegetable or animal origin, including waste and organic waste, which can be harnessed energetically. Plants transform the radiant energy of the sun into chemical energy through photosynthesis, and part of this energy is stored in the form of organic matter.

Geothermal of Lower Entalpia

It is a type of renewable energy as we have already mentioned in the introduction, this is obtained by taking advantage of the heat that exists inside the Earth. Inside the earth, the nucleus is an incandescent mass that radiates heat from the inside to the outside, which is why as we go deeper into the earth the temperature will increase in a progression of 2 to 4ºC of temperature per 100 meters .


It is called marine energy or oceanic energy to all that is transported by waves, tides, currents, salinity or temperature differences and that can be exploited from resource stories. Any movement that comes from the sea is kinetic and potential energy that is applied in real life.

The sea is the holder of a large amount of energy and can be a large amount of renewable energy for the world population.

Mini hydraulics

It is obtained by channeling the water through pipes where the water jump is, taking it to the power station or making it fall to the turbine. Thus, the pressure exerted on the turbine will convert it into electricity. That is, the water, when falling, exerts a pressure on it and transforms it into electrical energy.

Solar photovoltaic

Photovoltaic solar energy uses solar transformer radiation directly in electrical energy through the photovoltaic effect, which consists of the emission of electrons. There are different photovoltaic technologies (solar tracking to an axis and solar tracking to two axes) but most are based on silicon. The possibilities of application of photovoltaic solar energy are immense and range from the most simple applications such as calculators and sundials, to the most complex.

How to replace the energy you consume at home with the energy from renewable energy sources?

We can use an Alternative Energy is a synonym for clean energy, green energy or renewable energy. Alternatives are those that come from natural resources and inexhaustible sources, all those that, when produced, do not pollute.


Solar panels

Pumping controller

converter switch

Electric network / generator