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Energy Production

Energy sources in Spain

Not renewable


·Natural gas·Nuclear.


The thermal power station of Castellón is a thermoelectric plant of combined cycle, located in the Spanish city of Castellón, more specifically in its maritime district or Grao. It is owned by Iberdrola and consists of two thermal groups, known generically as Castellón 3 and Castellón 4, with a power of 800 MW and 850 MW, respectively, feed with natural gas.The Castellón power station began to operate with two conventional cycle groups called I and II, started up by Hidroeléctrica Española in 1972 and 1973.

The energy we consume in Castellon

Electric power plant

A power plant is an installation capable of converting mechanical energy, obtained through other sources of primary energy, into electrical energy.

In Spain, there are two types:


No renewable

Hidroelectric power station.Wind power station.

Nuclear power stations.Thermal power station.

Step 1

Step 3

Step 2

How is produced energy?

How is energy produced?

The energy is released in the form of hit.

The heat heats the water, transforming it into steam.

The steam spins a turbine, which produces electrical energy.

Combustion chamber

Fuel entry

Combustion residues, slag, ashes.

Gas exhauster

Steam generator

Steam turbine


Electricity to the network

Cold water