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The game

Hello, this game is about animals: wild animals, domestic animals, endangered animals... AMAZING ANIMALS. In this game you'll have to carry out missions that will give you points. The more you know about animals the more points you'll win. These points will enable you to climb up levels from zoo keeper, to animal saviour and master tamer!

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The levels

You are about to begin the game. Now you are just a little chicken, but when you accomplish different achievements you will become a zoo keeper, an animal saviour and finally a master tamer.

  1. Zoo Keeper: 60-100 points.
  2. Animal Saviour: 101-300
  3. Master Tamer: 301 and more

  • The avatar

Let's start then. The first thing you have to do is to create an avatar that represents you and says why you want to take part in this mission.If you accomplish this mission successfully you will earn 100 points.

I enclose my own avatar, Ticher the Beaver, so that you see an example.

You can create it with voki or any other avatar creator, as long as it has got voice.

2. Talking about animals

The second mission is this: with a partner, change the words in bold in Exercise 3 to write a new dialogue about the Komodo Dragon, or another animal you choose.You will win 50 points.

Animal: Domodo Dragon

Type: reptile

Lives for: 30 years or more

Eats: animals and birds (carnivore)

Conservation status: endangered

Size: three metres long

Weight: 150 kg

3. Class poll

Are zoos good or bad places for animals?

Third mission: if you want to win up to 100 points you will have to write a paragraph (one point per word) discussing the reasons they are good and the reasons they are bad.

4. Guess the animal!

Can you guess these animals?

  • It lives in rivers and lakes. It’s bigger tan a pig but smaller than an elephant. In Spain you can only see it at the zoo.
  • It’s smaller tan a cow and fatter tan a goat. It usually hasn’t got much fur. It often eats vegetables and fruit. We usually love its meat.

Well done! Now it's your turn. For each description of an animal you'll get 20 points. Include no more than 6 sentences in each. This mission can allow you with as many points as you please!!!

Bonus: now, if you learn the dialogue, you will be able to win up to 100 points more!

Are zoos good or bad places for animals?

Now take a vote!



Final bonus: when you include everything in your site you will get an extra bonus of 100 points more!!!

You can win a bonus of 50 points if your avatar is considered to be the best.