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Elwyn's Trip to Ireland

Paul Esquinance Middle School La Réole 5 E

Mrs Bouchet



Table of Contents

STEP 2 - Introduction

of the class p.4

STEP 3 - Introduction

of the project p.5

STEP 4 - Facebook p.6

STEP 5 - map (travelogue) and Enigmapp' p.7

STEP 6 - Closing credits p. 8

STEP 1 - Trailer p. 3

Official Trailer

We are students of 5°E ,we would like to go to Ireland , because the country is beautiful,we would also like to improve our English and learn a few words in Gaelic (it would be great craic!).

Introduction of the class

In the 5°E we are 13 girls and 12 boys. We are 12 or 13 years old. La Réole is located in the south west of France. La Réole is situated in the south east of Bordeaux. There are vineyards around La Réole.

La Réole is in the countryside

Elwin, the leprechaun, lost his hat. To find his hat, Elwin is going to show you the sites where scenes from movies were shot in Ireland.
During our journey through Ireland you will have to solve the enigmas.

Introduction of the project


On the Facebook page click on the Elwin Irish link.

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This project is the best one you can do.

This project is the best one you can do.

Application to discover Ireland with fun...!

Open Enigmapp' and Scan....

.... or click on the button below,

open Enigmapp'!


Help: for every question, you can use the interactive map and you click on the right of the application to get some clues

Good luck ;)

Site for the map:

Start from Audley's Castle and follow the landmarks of the application....


Scan the QR Code...

...or click here