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Energy production

bY pATRICIA Sánchez and Laura Padilla

Energy sources

Nuclear energy

Has been the technology that has contributed the most energy to our electrical system for the past six years. In Spain we have seven operating reactors that produce energy from the uranium fission.

thermal power stations

In power plants burn coal, gas or fueloil.Its combustion produces steam that causes the turbines to move, giving rise to mechanical energy. Mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy.

Wind power

In the last three years only 65 MW have been installed. The wind is an energy that does not generate emissions and lowers the price of electricity: between 2012 and 2015 saving to each average consumer 227 euros.

Where does the electricity come from?


2. Termal power plant of Castellón

The Thermal Power Plant of Castellón is a combined cycle thermoelectric installation. In the Spanish city of Castellón, specifically in its maritime district or Grao. It is owned by Iberdrola and consists of two thermal groups, generically called Castellón 3 and Castellón 4, with a power of 800 MW and 850 MW, powered by natural gas

diagram of slides of a thermal power plant

Classic power stations or conventional cycle power plants are those that use thermal combustion of coal, oil or natural gas to generate electric power.They are considered the most economic plants, so their use is widespread in the economically advanced world and in the developing world, although they are being criticized due to their high environmental impact.