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MATH_CREATOR,- Create your own Word-Problem- ,MISSION CHALLENGE,,,,Create your own real problem in pairs which help your class in the fundraiser,To accomplish this mission successfully you have to create your own real problem which analyses the number of two items (ex. pizzas and sodas) that the 8th grade have to sell in the fundraiser for taking money for their field trip,MISSION,• Find the price of each item, and approximately the number which will sell depending on the number of students in the 8th grade.,MISSION OVERVIEW,IMAGINATION,- Choose 2 items that you would like to sell in the fundraiser or concession stand for taking money for your field trip.-,• Create the word problem, and check the solution.,PURPOSE,This brochure will help the students on thinking about a purpose related with something real and interesting as their fundraiser, create it, and check it in order that other students can solve their problem,,google docsPowtownVideo editor (techradar.com),RECOMMEND TOOLS AND RESOURCES