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Alicia Asín

"Made of Talent"



Alicia is focused on how the Internet of Things - IoT - is becoming the next technological revolution, specifically in Smart Cities.

The term Internet of Things or Internet of Things focuses on the next generation, not only computers, not even people with machines, but common objects with each other. If the objects add sensors, the applications of this apparently simple technological change are universal. Roads that divert traffic when they detect an accident ...



Seven years ago, Alicia Asín and her partner David Gascón founded Liberium with € 3,006. Today is a company with a very important international prestige, in the sensor industry, which exports 90% of its turnover to more than 75 countries, mainly in the US. UU And to strengthen that foreign presence, they have just created the US subsidiary Libelium Inc. However, Alicia is adamant in stating that Spain is the European Silicon Valley in terms of IoT.



Best Manager of Aragón

(ADEA) - 2016

Talent Facts - Business, advertising and finance

(Marca España and Clear Channel) - 2015

National Award for Young Entrepreneurs

(Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs CEAJE) - 2014

Business Excellence Award

(ARAME) - 2012

Best commercial manager in foreign trade

(ADEA) - 2011

Young inspiring entrepreneurs

(ESADE) - 2011

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