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Planet-Bang design

Created on Tue Feb 13 2018 01:52:10 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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AVATAR PERSONALITY,05,C.T refers to the time the player has to wait until he gets to the center by keeping pressed "RT".,TEXT 5,6 Weeks Games,BFIRE/CHANNEL,06,PERSONALITY,TEXT 6,CHARGE TIME,HOME,D,A 5 MINUTES,HOME,PERSONALITY,D,06,TEXT 5,05,TEXT 6,C WIN/LOSE,06,PERSONALITY,FIRE/CHANNEL,HOME,TEXT 5,DPERSONALITY,D,D,B,06,05,A,5 MINUTES,TEXT 6,TEXT 5,TEXT 6,05,WIN/LOSE,Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,C,Material an theme for theplayers avatar,HOME,05,PERSONALITY,PERSONALITY,C,6 Weeks Games,06,06,PERSONALITY,5 MINUTES,TEXT 5,YOUR TEXT HERE,Fire power and channel time specifications,Win/Lose,PLANET-BANG,5 minutes of gameplaybreak-through,A,B,5 MINUTES,YOUR TEXT HERE,TEXT 6,D,C,B,FIRE/CHANNEL,Win and lose conditions specifications,WIN/LOSE,Fire/Channel,Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,D,A,05,design,A,B,C,WIN/LOSE,FIRE/CHANNEL,5 MINUTES,A,B,C,5 MINUTES,FIRE/CHANNEL,WIN/LOSE,A,B,C,5 MINUTES,FIRE/CHANNEL,WIN/LOSE,Invulnerable, immovable,F.P refers to the amount of rings the player can move another player by hitting him by releasing "RT".,FIRE POWER,Immovable, self-destruct,C.D is the amount of time the player has to wait until he can channel again.,COOLDOWN,Can't channel,6 Weeks Games,AMatch contains:4 playerseach player has3 livesLast man standingWINS,YOU LOSE WHEN...,YOU WIN WHEN...,You are the only player in the map.,You lose all of your 3 lives.,- If you get out of the map, you lose 1 live.,6 Weeks Games,Moving is now a natural thing for the player, he wants some action.The player activates the Channel button, losing the avatars moving capabilities while it slowly moves to the center, where it'll be launched in a desired direction.,Once the target is locked in the players sight, he presses the fire button, and the avatar goes off with such a big force that it colides with another player.Once the collision is made, the collided player flies off the map losing 1 live.,2nd MINUTE,3rd MINUTE,4th MINUTE,5th MINUTE,1st MINUTE,At the start, the player will see the map and the players orbiting the center.High and bright neon lights combined with cosmic particles flying around the scenario.A smooth ambience is playing, like if we were in the space.,The player now moves his avatar by changing its direction, from right to left.He changes from his ring to the nearest one.With a smooth transition while moving and changing rings, the player keeps moving.,While the avatar is in the center, a little arrow appears, it represents the direction the avatar will be launched.Being in the center makes the player stop for a while, now that he is not moving, but aiming to other players, the player feels an inmense power.,First 5 Minutes,- The length of a match mightbe around 5 - 10 minutes,6 Weeks Games,DEFAULT MATERIAL,A glass looking material,COMMON,RARE,LEGENDARY,Standard Particles (1-2),Standard Shader (1),Standard Light (1),Standard Texture (1),Medium CostSoft/Hard Currency,High CostHard Currency,Average CostSoft/Hard Currency