Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


1- In my free time…

a- I read

b- I write poems

c- I play sports.

2- My favourite colour is…




3- My favourite food is…


b- chocolate

c- salad

4- My favourite films are…

a- horror films

b- romantic comedies

c- cartoons

5- My ideal holiday is...

a- in a big city

b- in the mountain

c- on a tropical island

6- My favourite animal is…

a- a cat

b- a snake

c- a horse

7- I prefer traveling by…

a- bike

b- train

c- car

8- I prefer…

a- Christmas

b- Valentine’s Day

c- Halloween


1- a1, b2, c0

2- a1, b0, c2

3- a1, b2, c0

4- a0, b2, c1

5- a2, b0, c1

6- a2, b1, c0

7- a0, b1, c2

8- a1, b2, c0.


0-6 you are not very romantic.

7-11 you are quite romantic.

12-16 you are very romantic.