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Montse Medina,,Little Biography,Interview,Jetlore,Studies,Awards,1984,2015,2016,2011,,Montse Medina was born in Valencia in 1984,She studied Aeronautical Engrineering in the UPV of Madrid. Then, she moved to Stanford to continue her studies.,IIn this part we are going to read some questions in an interview to Montse in Spain.,Montse went to Stanford to study Computational Mathematics.,Montse continued growing with her company Jetlore. Some of her costumers are eBay and Linio. She has been recognised as one of the greatest enterpreneurs.,HOME,TEXT 2,TEXT 3,TEXT 4,TEXT 5,TEXT 1,TEXT 6,2002-2011,03,02,Spain,EE.UU.,EE.UU.,Jetlore,HOME,2015,TEXT 2,TEXT 3,TEXT 4,TEXT 5,TEXT 1,Her company,TEXT 6,Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur ornare urna dui, nec convallis m,She has been selected as number 12 in The Bay Area's 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies of 2017, award granted by the San Francisco Business Times. co-founded by the Valencian engineer and Eldar Sadikovdesigned an algorithm for the personalization of email marketing in order to help companies to offer relevant content to their subscribers through email in order to increase the effectiveness and sales.,Jetlore,,Montse was finalist in the Stevies Awards for women in business.,Studies of Monste,01,She asked him to help her with the research. They developed the technology, the showed it to their teachers and they hold them to start a company. And that is how the project came about six years ago..She co-founded Pixar and Tableau and her partner was while his partner was Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google. They understand the dynamics of algorimtsand stated that “If you want something, try it”, and this is their motto.,After deciding to go on the market they went through StartX, a Stanford accelerator that only admits people from the university. "When you start to give a little more to the company, you are surrounded by other entrepreneurs, financing and you already find it difficult to leave," he says. "Everything in Silicon Valley pushes you to start a business and this is the goal everyone is looking for." Your password? "Up to now, there has been a lot of data analysis to companies, we give a complete solution.",STORY OF HER COMPANY,,,,,,,,,Spanish Team,,,,,,Eduardo Martínez y José Campesino,Web,Email,Social Networks,Location,,2002,Montse Medina - who is also a finalist in the Stevie Awards for Woman in Business in California - decided, after studying aeronautics at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, to go to Stanford to do a doctorate in aeronautics. After studying Aeronautical Engineering in ---- she went to Stanford to do a doctorate in Aeronautics. “After a year, I realized it was too slow for me”. Then, she switched to Computational Mathematics, where she met the other co-founder of Jetlore, a computer specialist in data science.