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nd,E = mc2,RITA LEVI-MONTALCINI,1912-2012,Are you ready to meet her?,BIOGRAPHY,She was born in Turín on the 22 of April, 1909.,She was a specialized scientific in Neurology.,She graduated with the highest qualification and received her doctorate in Neurology.,She enrolled at the University of Turín.,She developed her career as a researcher in the USA during the Second World War.,In 1946 she received an invitation from the University of Washington under the supervision of Professor Viktor Hamburger,She had to work in a bakery, despite her allergy in order to pay for his studies, since she did not have the support of her family,AT THE BEGGINING,She worked as an assistant to the histologist Guiseppe Levi until 1938, when Mussolini forbade Jews to enter professional careers,In 1958 she became a professor and in 1962 she established a research unit in Rome,LATER,AFTER,FINALLY,CAREER,During her stay in Florence, Rita began to study the growth of nerve fibers in chicken embryos, data that were very important later for her research in the United States. While there, she produced an interesting work on the nerve growth factor, which would end up being a Nobel Prize in Medicine.,1987,She became the tenth woman elected as a member of the US National Academy of Sciences.,She won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, along with Stanley Cohen.,She was awarded with the National Medal of Science, the highest recognition in the American scientific community., She was named Goodwill Ambassador of FAO.,1986,1999,AWARDS AND HONORS,DISCOVERY,1968,Awarded by the Turin Polytechnic.,2006,"Honoris Causa",Awarded by the Complutense University of Madrid.,Awarded by McGill University.,DOCTORATES,2008,2011,SPANISH TEAM,San Vicente de Paúl,MARINA HUERGA Y CRISTINA CONDE