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2014 – Prize Dr. Paul Janssen of biomedic investigation.2014 – Prize Jacob Heskel Gabbay​.2014 – Prize Breakthrough of Sciences of Life.2015 – Prize of International Society of Transgenic Technologies. 2015 – Prize Princesa de Asturias of Scientific and Technic Investigation.2015 – Prize Gruber of Genetic.(With Emmanuelle Charpentier)2016 – Prize Fundación BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge in Biomedicine with Francisco M. Mojica,,1. Her life,2. Her studies,3. Her discoveries,HER LIFE,Jennifer Doudna was born the 19th February of 1964 in Washington, D.C..When Doudna was seven years old, her father completed his thesis and moved his wife and three daughters from Michigan to Hawaii to teach American literature at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.She was fascinated by the environmental beauty of the island and its exotic plants and animals; she wanted to understand the underlying biological mechanisms.She was interested in biochemistry since she read a book when she was 12.,HER STUDIES,She enteredPomona College in Claremont, California to study Biochemistry.,She started her first scientific research in the lab of Sharon Panasenko.,She held research fellowships in molecular biology at the Massachusetts General Hospital and in genetics at Harvard Medical School.,Doudna worked to uncover the structure and biological function of RNA enzymes or ribozymes.,,Bibliography,PRIZES,Together with the French microbiologist Emmanuelle Charpentier, she led the discovery of the revolutionary gene-editing tool, Crispr.This Technology has the potential to eradicate previously incurable diseases, but also asks ethical questions about the possible unintended consequences of overwriting the human genome.,JENNIFER DOUDNA AND EMMANUELLE CHARPENTIER,JENNIFER DOUDNA,Index,Aroa Granero, Claudia Trilla and Laura Sánchez,Spanish Team- Colegio San Vicente de Paúl,,3.,2.,1.,4.