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Spanish physicist,SUSANA MARCOS CELESTINO,,- BIOGRAPHY -,SUSANA MARCOS,biography,ALBA TOCINO RIOLUCIA REVELLADOANDREA PONTE,Susana Marcos Celestino (Salamanca, 1970) is a Spanish specializing in optics applied to human vision. In his hometown she studied and obtained the doctorate degree on Physical Sciences, with the extraordinary prize, at the University of Salamanca.After a predoctoral training as a fellow in the Higher Council for Scientific Research , he had extensive postdoctoral training in various prestigious institutions in Europe.She spent three years as a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University, in the United States. He returned to Spain in 2000, obtaining a position at the CSIC.,She has received the award in new technologies for her studies in image and ocular diagnosis that have led to the development of new intraocular lenses and the detection of ocular pathogens and infections. ,She has received the award in Adolph Lomb of the Optical Society of America and the ICO Prize of the International Commission for Optics. ,,,What did she do?,SPANISH TEAMSCHOOL SAN VICENTE DE PAUL (BENAVENTE)