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Tandem AHS /EPHEC 2018

Created on Mon Jan 22 2018 18:19:26 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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Presentation,Poster,Assessment,It's also going to be assessed by both EPHEC and ARETEVELDE lecturers.,This presentation is interactive. Whenever you see it, click on the following icon to get the hidden information:,Videos describing the factors/values you were assigned.,8- ASSESSMENT,November 6,Poster Presentation.,9- TIPS and TRICKS,7- POSTER PRESENTATION,CONTENTS,1- CONTENTS,7,This deliverable will be assessed by both EPHEC and ARTEVELDE lecturers.,Log,10- ANNEXED,2- BACKGROUND INFORMATION,3- OBJECTIVES,Video material (all teams),Post your poster.,03,ARTEVELDE / EPHECTandem Project,Analysing factors affecting Cross-cultural Communication,,Cross-Cultural Business Management / Intercultural Communication Skills,Jf. Vuylsteke / S. Saint Amand,K. Cappelle / E. Kelly / T. Van den Bergh,6- POSTER CREATION,5- SUGGESTED CALENDAR,4- METHODOLOGY,Background information,3,This project aims at creating a multicultural context in which you will be expected to analyze one of the many factors affecting communication.It will be representative of your team collaboration.,Getting started,1,2,What is Team Work about?,Solving conflict in online teamwork,Stages of the project,Objectives,Develop the necessary skills you need to operate the multicultural context created for this project .,TARGET 1,“Analyzing factors influencing communication”,Analyzing one of Hofstede's /Trompenaars' s factors influencing communication in a cultural context.,TARGET 2,TARGET 3,Presenting your team conclusions, exploiting the rich cultural background of your team.,STEP 5,03,Hold online meetings, discuss & create your team poster.,METHODOLOGY,01,Break the ice and get acquainted.,STEP 1,02,05,04,STEP 4,STEP 3,STEP 2 - charter,Analyze, read, get informed, search.,Determineyour team strategy.,Present your conclusions and submit your meeting logs.,ANNEXED,Basic concepts, input information about all the factors/values.,For you to compare country indexes,For you to know in which team you work,Background information to further explore the factor/value.,Hofstede's official website,Team distribution tandem 2018,Additional videos for further information,Reading material (all teams),Poster presentation,ERA-IN students,AHS students,Get Informed,Meet Online,Week 1,Week 2-3,Week 3-4,04,05,02,October 10-16,Meet and Decide.,01,Calendar6 steps,Create Poster.,06,November 7/8/9,Poster Creation,“Make it simple and visually appealing, but also rational, detailed and efficient”,Click on the button above to get more information.,Click on the headers and bulbs to get more detailed information,Be professional ...Show empathySolve problems, avoid making complicationsInvest in human relationships ...Capitalize on themClick on the button above to get more tips,It's more cross-cultural than digitalCommit yourself, your point of view is importantInvest in the other!Click on the button above to get more tips,Tips,To manage the project,To manage teamwork,Will be attended/assessed by your regular lecturer.,Click on the headlines to get more information,ReminderThis presentation being interactive, click on the yellow bulb icon to get access to the details,Reminder !This presentation being interactive, click on the yellow bulb icon to get access to the details,ReminderThis presentation being interactive, click on the blue bulb icon to get access to the details,Reminder!This presentation being interactive, click on the blue bulb icon to get access to the details,It's the responsibility of each lecturer to provide further instructions.All the presentations will take place on dates and times determined by your respective lecturers.Attention!Modalities may vary from one lecturer to the other.