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In Genially we have created this template to make a presentation in video mode in which the undisputed protagonists are the colours. Use it to show your contents!





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We don’t like to bore. We don’t want to be repetitive. Communicating in the same old ways is boring and doesn’t engage people.
We do it differently. We annihilate boredom. We create things the brain likes to consume because they stimulate it.


Pose a dramatic question; this is the essential ingredient for holding the audience's attention. It is usually posed in an intriguing way at the beginning of the story to captivate the audience and is resolved at the end.


Visual content is a transversal, universal language, like music. We can understand images from millions of years ago, even from other cultures.


We generally grasp visual content better. Visual content is associated with cognitive and psychological mechanisms. We receive things through our eyes; the first image is what counts. We associate visual content with emotions.


Our brains are hardwired to consume visual content. Some facts: we receive 90% of the information we process through sight and we process visual content up to 60,000 times faster than text. That’s why visual communication is more effective.


Our brain is biologically primed to process visual content. Almost 50% of our brain is involved in the processing of visual stimuli.


We are in the age of the explosion of
digital information. As a result, the way we obtain information has changed from traditional reading to a cognitive strategy
based on navigation.


When you tell us a story, it excites us, and can even move us, which means that we remember stories up to 20 times more than any other content we consume.


Do you need more reasons to create dynamic content? No problem! 90% of the information we assimilate reaches us via sight and, what’s more, we retain 42% more information when the content moves.

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