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,Hydrobot,Making a,General project,,Description,Planning,The first thing we did was to collect all the pieces. Then we started cutting the tubes according to the required measurements. The next step was to join all the pieces and finish the structure.Finally we needed 3 clamps to screw the motors to the robot, leaving for the end the electric circuit.,Blueprints,,1. PVC tubes, elbows,3. Electric motors,2. Buoys , buoyancy tubes,6. Electrical wires,4. Zip ties,List of pieces,5. 12V battery,2. Cutter,3. Clamps,5. Scissors,List of tools,4. Pliers,6. Welder,1. Drill,In this project we had to build a hydrobot, which is a robot prepared for movingunderwater without any problems or malfunctions.Also, this project aims to:,The objective of this project was to build a hydrobot, whose structure had to be formed by PVC tubes and elbows, in addition to a pair of buoys that allowed it to float or submerge at will.,Made by:,Arahí,Nicolás Martín,Gonzalo,Domínguez Sandoya,Escobar Chávez,Fernández Monagas,Piney Vallejo,Nicolás,Mounting the motorsto the frame,We covered them with American tape and a paste used by dentists, so that they wouldn´t be damaged after being submerged.,Waterproofing the motors,Preparing the control box,After having done this, we cut about 7cm of both the red and black cables which, after being peeled back, were welded to the pins of the switches.Finally, we connected the black wire to the negative pole of the battery, and the red one to the positive pole, providing energy to the electrical circuit.,Assembling the battery cable,Once coated and waterproofed, we used metal clamps to fix them to the frame.Using a screwdriver, screws and nuts, we fasten the metal clamps to the PVC pipes of the structure .,The tether cable is composed of three pairs of cables inside, so that each pair is connected to a motor. The other end of the tether cable is connected to the switches, following the electrical circuit.After having done all of this, there was only one thing left, install the propellers to the rotors of the motors.,Connecting the tether cable,Firstly, we used the marker to mark the holes on the control box, in which we would fit the different switches, with the exception of one of them, which isused to let the tether cable pass. Then, we connected each of the motor cables to the switches using a welder and some tin.,Electrical circuit,Understand the importance of the materials, their properties and their role in engineering solutions.Get interested in phenomena found in daily life.Develop our ability to predict and verify results, to turn designs into reality, to perform experiments and interpret results, as well as develop our teamwork, design skills and spirit of inquiry.Learn how bouyancy works, how ships can float, how to overcome any difficulty or problems that could happen to us.Acquire technical skills on using tools properly and safely.Realize the difference between natural and man made objects.