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- Because there is a law that protects them,- Because is private information and only me should use it,- Because they always do bad things with it,- The best thing is not to use social networks and never post our opinion on the internet,Regarding personal data risks on the internet…,- Are doing something illegal because there is a law that protects it,- It is not illegal if the data is on an open website they have access to,Click on correct answers. There can be more than one.,PRIVACY AND PERSONAL DATA,- The best thing is to avoid posting personal data and to change privacy settings,People who get my personal data from the internet:,Why should we avoid the use of our personal data by others?,To avoid spam, don’t give your email address in webpages you don’t trust on,Choose difficult passwords and keep them safe, never say them to anyone,Use avatars and nicknames to protect your personal image on the internet,Don’t click on strange adverts that can download virus or install malware,Never share personal information on the internet: don’t chat about personal topics online, be careful with the pictures you post and never say compromising opinions,You can’t receive dangerous emails, your email server has a filter to avoid them,There is no problem in connecting to open Wi-Fi networks,Never accept people that you don’t know in social networks,Sorry, you will be hacked soon,What is a cracker?,- Someone who quit his entire life and salary to announce Americans computers were being infected,",ARE YOU SAFE ON THE INTERNET?,HACKERS,",How is it called when someone makes an unauthorized intrusion into a computer or notebook?,That's right!Are you a TIC Hero?,",",- cracking or bad hacking,Click on correct answers. There can be more than one.,- someone who infringe computer systems to cause harm,- someone who infringe computer programs to improve them or to know them better,Who is Edward Snowden?,What is phising?,- Someone who quit his entire life and salary to protect Americans personal data rights,- Someone who quit his entire life and salary to protect Americans from hackers,- the same as a hacker,- When a person uses the personal accounts of other people,CYBER CRIMES,Click on correct answers. There can be more than one.,- When a person uses the identity or the personal accounts of other people.,- To spy someone through the webcam,What is Identity thief?,- To send publicity or calls to someone which does not want to receive it,- To make people access commercial contents by sending scamming emails,- threats to make a gain (most commonly money or property) or cause loss to another,- piracy,- spyware,- It is never illegal to get information from the internet,- Only me can use that information,If I post something in a social network:,If your social network sends you an email to change your password, do you have to do it?,The webcam has a light that tells you if it is on or not, you don’t need to cover it,Even you turn on the location setting in your phone, no one can know where you are,BEAT THE CRACKER,Antivirus and antimalware are not really necessary, virus will reach your computer anyway,Don’t allow that someone makes a comment you don’t like, always answer to make them know who is right,- Creating a character for an imaginary situation,SOCIAL NETWORKS,Click on correct answers. There can be more than one.,- Only me and the friends I shared the information with can use it,- Me, the friends I shared the information with and the social network can use it,In social networks, what is an avatar for?,- Using an image that represents a character in order to make you be more interesting to others,- Using an image that identifies you preventing from sharing your real image with unknown people,Promotional emails:,- They can if it appears on a public list,SPAM,Click on correct answers. There can be more than one.,- If I gave them my email address I can't unsubscribe,- They can't send me promotional email,Should anyone use my telephone number to call me?,- No if I tell them not to do it,- I have to be on Robinson list if I want them to stop,- Must have a line at the foot where explains how to unsubscribe,GOOD PRACTICES,Click on the practices that help you to be safe online.,Make your profiles in social networks private,(Bad hacker)