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AC / DC,The album Back in Black (1980) is the second most sold album in history with over 50 million copies,WE WILL,AC/DC,ROCK YOU!,INDEX,1,2,Group Members,3,AC/DC VS Guns N' Roses,4,AC / DC Quotes,5,6,7,8,Legendary Concerts,Videos,3 Best Discs,Learn More,The Band,THE BAND,How it all began,Their alblums have been sold in many countries, adding to an estimated total of 200 million copies,Axl Rose is the main vocalist as of April 2016, substituting for Brian Johnson,Guns N' Roses,The group has sold over 150 million albums worldwide,The album Appetite for Destruction (1987) has sold over 30​ millionde copies worldwide,Axl Rose is the singer, leader, and composer of the 7-member group,VS,Discography,Highway to hell,Back in Black,Rock or bust,3 BEST ALBUMS,Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals,WHO THEY ARE,Lead Guitar,Current members,Angus Young,Axl Rose,Lead Vocals (Fourth Vocalist),Stevie Young,Chris Slade,Drums,"I just go where the guitar takes me.",Angus Young,AC / DC QUOTES,Live at River Plate(Argentina-2009),Rock in Rio(Brazil-1985),Live at Donington(Scotland-1991),Let There Be Rock-The Movie (France-1980) ,No Bull(Spain-1996),Oakland Coliseum, (California-1979),Legendary Concerts,,AC /DC,THANKS!,MORE SONGS,VIDEOS,Thunderstruck,Back in Black,The Australian group AC/DC was created in 1973, thanks to two Scottish brothers, Malcolm and Angus Young.The group's name, wtih its electric connotations, is made up of the abbreviation for Alternating Current / Direct Current.When the group was formed, Angus was just 15, and someone suggested that he get on stage dressed in a school uniform. From that moment on, that became part of the group's signature look.,"When I'm on stage the savage in me is released. It's like going back to being a cave man. It takes me six hours to come down after a show.”,Angus Young.Solo At River Plate,Chris SladeDrum Solo,Angus Young "Awesome Guitar Solo",THE THREE BEST SOLOS,To Learn More,1979,2014,1980,Fuentes: acdc.com, taringa.net y es.wikipedia.org