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Created on Wed Aug 02 2017 20:08:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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I am hungry. Help me get more food by finding the code for the lock. I will give Oliver some food too.,Hello! My name is Queen Parlow. I am with my friend Oliver. We live in this workhouse!,Get ready for a historical journey.,Maybe Oliver will be at school this morning.,Good to see you happy, Oliver! ,I want to see my friend. I will ask this man to send a message to Queen.,Queen,Oliver lives in a beautiful house, but where is he? Why isn't he here?,Please, open my cage!,Are you Oliver?I can't see you! What do you think little cat?,You did not read your chapter and do your activity. You are under arrest!,,,I am in the market.What can I buy for the week?,Go to Mr Sowerberry's shop! ,Who is Mr Sowerberry? Let's follow the policemen.,There are too many people in the street. How can I find Oliver? I need a map.,Why are these people running after this boy?,Click here to know if this boy is guilty or innocent!,Oliver is not here... Let's try another place.,Can I have a newspaper please? Maybe something terrible happened to Oliver!,Please come back when you have finished writing your article.,Should I stay downstairs or go upstairs?,Please, help me, I am hurt.,Work in a team of 4 maximum and prepare 40 questions about the book.,Thanks for reading the book and playing with Queen and Oliver!,Sorry, I can't help you...,,,Please, help us escape this horrible place!,Thank you for helping me!,Let's go to London Bridge!,The time of truth has come!,Merci à mes relecteurs et à tous ceux qui ont partagé ce projet !Delphine @Delphine_DauxFlorence @flebras56Carine @anglaisglaisalvesMélanie @melfenaertChristelle @christelleques1,You did not read your chapter and do your activity. You are under arrest!,You did not read your chapter and do your activity. You are under arrest!,Do you really want to be hanged like Fagin? Do your activity instead of cheating!