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Frequent meetings between the Principal and the Parents Association. ,BUILD STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN THE EDUCATIVE COMMUNITY,MADRID EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAM 2017 ESPERANZA CABRERA PECHARROMAN,GROWTH PLANINVOLVING PARENTSIN THE SCHOOL LIFE,,, WHY IS IMPORTANT TO INVOLVE PARENTS?,1. Parents have to understand they are an essential part of the Educative Community.2.Parents have to participate in school projects and activities to bring support to the children's learning and development.3. Parents have to respect teachers and communicate with them in a positive way.,BENEFITS OF THE PARENTS INVOLVEMENT AT SCHOOL,STUDENTSstudents will be more motivated to learn as parents are going to be a visible part of the school environment.,TEACHERSFor teachersis going to be a challenge creating close and trust relationships with families.,PARENTSParent involvement in their children's education can be one of the biggest predictors of student success.,Objectives,IDEA 1: OPEN DOOR POLICY,ACCESIBLE TEACHERS ALL THE TIMEPARENTS START THINKING TEACHERS DO CARE FOR THEM AND THEIR CHILDREN NEEDS. ,OPEN DOOR POLICY,NO APPOINMENTS TO TALK TO THE PRINCIPAL.PARENTS FEEL THEY ARE LISTENED, STOP COMPLAINING AT THE SCHOOL DOOR.,OPEN DOOR POLICY,PANEL AT THE MAIN HALLPARENTS MEET THE STAFF IN PICTURES AND PUT A FACE ON THE NAMES OF THE PEOPLE WHO WORK AT THE SCHOOL.,OPEN DOOR POLICY,OPEN DOOR FAMILY DAYPARENTS KNOW WHAT IS DONE IN THE CLASSROOM FOR A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE SCHOOL DAILY ROUTINES.,OPEN DOOR POLICY,UPDATE NEWS IN THE WEB PAGE, BLOGS, TWITTER, AND EMAILPARENTS KEEP UP TO DATE OF THE ACTIVITIES IN THE SCHOOL FREQUENTLY. ,OPEN DOOR POLICY,Working together will make LEARNINGmore enriching and meaningful,IDEA 2: MAKE MORE MEANINGFUL PARENTS MEETINGS ,,Use visual support:* to welcome them.*to follow your speech easily.,MAKE MORE MEANINGFUL PARENTS MEETINGS,Give them in advance an index of the different points of the meeting and let them add some. ,MAKE MORE MEANINGFUL PARENTS MEETINGS,MAKE MORE MEANINGFUL PARENTS MEETINGS,Insist in the idea that we want them to collaborate:WHY, HOW AND WHEN.,Send a check box list of the volunteer activities.Let them feel free to suggest some new in which they can fit.Encourage them to fill in with their children.,MAKE MORE MEANINGFUL PARENTS MEETINGS,Send a summary of the meeting to the parents that couldn’t attend. ,MAKE MORE MEANINGFUL PARENTS MEETINGS,Create an invitation to the meeting made for their children.Try to go multilingual and offer a translator.,MAKE MORE MEANINGFUL PARENTS MEETINGS,IDEA 3: BUILD STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN THE EDUCATIVE COMMUNITY ,Outdoor activities designed for parents, teachers and students that help to getting to know each other. ,BUILD STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN THE EDUCATIVE COMMUNITY,BUILD STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN THE EDUCATIVE COMMUNITY,BUILD STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN THE EDUCATIVE COMMUNITY,Offer parent classes in topics either they want to learn about or their children are learning. ,*Foster the belief that parents involvement is essential for their children’ development.*Build stronger relationships among the different members of the educative community. *Implement new ideas and practices to bring parents closer to school. ,SOME PRACTICAL IDEAS TO IMPLEMENT IN THE SCHOOL,Indoor activities designed to share time together and know the different spaces in the school and their use.