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NEW PEOPLE ACTIVE 14-17,SPAR Lancashire School Games,Challenge Through Sport Iniative (CSI),The participant categorised herself as an infrequent exerciser (1 – 2 times per week) prior to commencing the Challenge. The participant saw positive changes in body composition at the end of the 12 weeks with a 7.7% reduced overall body weight. The particpant took part in the Challenge because they had that moment after Christmas she thought,”Oh no nothing fits!” and it was getting her down. The participant already played Badminton a couple of times a week. The participant want to improve her health after scanning that was provided as she found it very interesting, she commented; "It makes you realise that all round health is just as important as weight". The particpant was delighted with the results and felt so much better.,We are supporting 24 Running groups with fitness and First Aid courses.,We have developed a partnership with Team Fettle and will ensure the sustainability of the programme.,Women and Girls,Children & Young People,,Disability,People & Places,Healthly Lifestyles,Bodyfit,,A successful Small Grants application in May 2016 for £9,000 has enabled us to offer a number of different activities in Burnley and Preston. Over the next twelve months we are looking to build on these learnings and continue to offer the programme of activity until the end of the year.,The Successful application was annouced in May 2016.,An etsablished relationship was made with the Lancashire Womens’Centre.,Fiona became interested in the BodyFit courses after volunteering at Accrington Women’s Centre. After hearing about the BodyFit training sessions and looking back on her 11 years of teaching Pilates she made a decision and says ‘’I wanted to give something back’’. With that she began her training in February 2015 to become a BodyFit Leader.After completing her BodyFit Leader course Fiona developed and delivered Tonefit. Fiona’s Tonefit class required her to take responsibility for the delivery of regular physical activity sessions to women registered at the Centre. About Tonefit she says ‘’It is designed to introduce women to the benefits of gentle exercise and build confidence’’. ,Bodyfit Leader Case Study 2016,Satellite Clubs,,Satellite Clubs are extensions of community sports clubs, they make it easier for young people to stay in sport, or to start playing sport for the first time. They provide a stepping stone for young people to access local community clubs helping to make participating in sport a lifelong habit.,We have impacted the lives of 58 women across Burley and Preston.,A grant of £9,000 was recieved for the project.,31 new Satellite Clubs were established, egaging a total of 508 individuals.,73 existong Satellite Clubs were sustained (93%), engaging 1,757 new.,There are currently over 110 active Satellite Clubs in Lancashire.,Sport England awarded a Green RAG rating in both Q2 & Q4.,Satellite Clubs Case Study for: Rhyddings Multi- Sports, Imran Ashfaq, Head of PE ,Imran delivered a multi sports approach to girls attending Rhyddings High school, In year 1 the target audience was 14-16 year olds, he delivered activities such as Archery, clubbercise, boxercise, Running club and cheer dance. He also arranged a trip to pretty muddy for the girls. Ronan worked with Imran to make sure he had the quidance and the support that he needed. Imran felt that rather than PE teachers promoting and organising the activities which could be seen as a bolt on to PE lessons he wanted a different approach for the students to get involved, so he decided to give ownership of the activities to the students. ,The numbers fluctuated from activity to activity with an average attendance of 16-18 girls, some activities were more popular than others, for example the girls didn’t enjoy the boxercise so we changed to clubbercise instead, towards the end of year 1 we delivered the cheer dance which was our most popular activity and this also included 4 year 11s coming down every week to assist the coach. A block of running was delivered in the lead up to the Pretty Muddy event in June 2017. Unfortunately none of the students have carried on or gone to a hub club which is disappointing. ,The School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire millions of young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport. The Games are designed to build on the magic of the 2012 Olympics to enable every school and child to participate in competitive sport, including meaningful opportunities for disabled youngsters.,Positive Together,The Positive Together programme provides diversionary sports activities for communities placed in the Top 75 IMD Wards of Lancashire. It aims to provide a range of sporting and physical activity opportunities locally for inactive people living in deprived communities, with a particular focus on young people 10-25 who are involved in anti-social behaviour or identified as being ‘at risk’.,Sportivate,Sportivate gives inactive 11-25 year-olds the opportunity to take part in 6-8 weeks of free or subsidised sport or physical activity with the aim to create a sustainable session for the participants after the initial 6-8 weeks . Sportivate was launched in June 2011 as a four-year Olympic legacy programme aimed at 14-25 year-olds which was increased to 11-25 year-olds in 2013, due to its success, additional funding per year was invested allowing the programme to run for longer.,102 projects succesfully completed within Lancashire.,£160,266.29 invested in the project.,Total number of particpants:3254,Sportivate secured £22,000 to deliver the Healthy Minds and Healthly Bodies pilot.,- Women and Girls - 2258 (69%) - Disability - 416 (13%) - 16-25 -2699 (83%),At the beginning of march Lucy went to her Sportivate induction Thornton YMCA. It all began when Lucy was a child, she was bullied for being overweight and that has always bothered her. After joining Slimming World and losing 2st 6Ibs in 4 months Lucy decided that she would get fit and tone up. Lucy feared joining a gym that she would be laughed at or in case she looked stupid. However when she was given the chance to participate in Sportivate it made her realsise that everyone is there for the same reason and there was no need to worry.,Sportivate Case Study: Lucy from Fylde YMC,Lucy's fitness journey grew and she was proud of herself because of the achievements she had made. Once the Sportivate membership came to an end she then paid for another annual membership. Lucy would like to thank Sportivate for the exprience and the confidence she has grown over the programme. She has met new friends that are both gym users and staff.,Primary School Sport Premium,Primary School Sport premium is a ring fenced funding allocated directly to primary schools across England. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary school headteachers to spend on improving the quality of PE and school sport for all their children.,Rising Star Fund,This is a paragraph. you can write whatever you want.,The Challenge through Sport Initiative is an ambitious innovative partnership project to encourage more active and healthier lifestyles for adults in drug and alcohol recovery by getting involved in regular sport and physical activity.,Workplace Challenge,Total Number of young people participating: 2,981,Number of Volunteers involved: 470,Number of Schools engaged in SPAR Lancashire School Games: 255,Participation at the SPAR Lancashire School Games:Males: 1380Females: 1601SEND Participants: 497,In Lancashire 875 people have now signed up to Workplace Challenge.,Workplace Challenge was Launch in Lancashire in Jannuary 2015.,There is a total of 1146 individuals engaging in Workplace Challenge.,It has been poilted in Blackpool with 100 Council employees.,The Workplace Challenge is a national programme from County Sports Partnership Network funded by Sport England which aims to engage workplaces in sport and physical activity.,Participant Case Study,Participant; "I think the strength of this project is the technology, not necessarily the mobile technology which I found a bit technical, but knowing that in 12 weeks you can be retested gave you something to work towards to see improvement.",Partnership Working,Leg it Lancashire,Coaching and Volunteers,Physical Activity Network,Public Health England GP Clinical Champions ,This year the Cumbria and Lancashire Physical Activity Network has continued to be driven and administered by Lancashire Sport Partnership and has achieved:,A first publication of the Cumbria and Lancashire Framework for Sport and Physical ActivityEndorsement from Cumbria and Lancashire Directors of Public Health FrameworkAgreement with the Public Health Collaborative to spend teh forthcoming year completing strategic engagement and launching the Framework with Key Partners; this work will be led and championed by the Directors of Public Health,Over the last year Lancashire Sport Partnership has supported 14 of the Public Health England physical activity training sessions delivered by the North West team of GP Clinical Champions. The Champions are all practicing GP'S who have taken on the role to train their peers in physical activity due to the lack of input that is provided currently through their clinical training. LSP support by presentation, which has resulted in 4 physical activitiy mappings being completed for particular GP practices who were unaware of the broad activity offer in their area of the country.,Partnership Working continued... ,Mental Health and Behaviour Change Training,This year has seen Lancashire Sport Partnership become licensed to deliver Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity training in conjuction with Lancashire Mind, and Behaviour Change tatics training developed by Sports Coach UkK. During the year, 4 Mental Health and 2 Behaviour Change Workshops have been delivered as part of the LSP training and development offer.,Digital Techology,A digital technology workshop was developed, planned and delivered by Lancashire Sport Partnership in conjuction with Lancaster University in June 2016. The event brought 22 partners together to discuss how we could test and develop a larger amount of digital solutions to help residents of Lancashire become more active. This has led to a number of nw partnerships being forged and innovative projects being developed in the County i.e. Fettle Flexi app -activity finder, booking and reward system, LSP involvement in the Go On Lancashire programme.,LSP has continued to support Lancashire Mind deliver their Sport England funded Get Set to Go programme in the County. The MacMillan Cancer Support sport pilot project that was delivered in 2015/16 has continued to engage participants through Swimming and Aqua sessions over this year.,The Get Set To Go Programme engaged 243 participants.,Lancahsire Sport has Continued to support Lancashire Mind.,The MacMillan Cancer Support pilot project was first delivered in 2015/16,45 females engaged with the MacMillon Cancer Support Programme.,Lancashire Mind and MacMillan Cancer Support ,Leg it Lancashire is the all-encompassing support offer for Beginner Running across the County. LSP work with a number of partners, to encourage individuals from 12 years+ to create a healthier lifestyle through running.,We have directly supported 66 run leaders.,The Leg it Lancashire Twitter page has 111 followers.,Leg It Lancashire Race 4 Life - Case Study 2016,Rebecca Connick at West Lancashire College set up the Leg it Lancashire Race 4 Life merged with the sportivate project. She was wanting to help reduce the negative feeling she was encountering with particularly inactive girls around any sporting activity in and outside of college. With this in mind, Rebecca created a project that was fun and flexible but also had a sense of meaning; as the girls were working towards a goal of running 5k., There were a number of key factors which ensured this project was a success; its flexibility, working towards a goal and raising money for a charity, incorporating incentives and rewards and partnership working with the University. Since the Race for Life event, a ‘Pink Army’ has been created which has helped some girls to make friends with others that they would have never have spoken to before. They have also raised over £800 for Cancer Research, they now have the confidence to continue to run and have ensured that beginner running is on the timetable for next year!,Lancashire Sports Awards,Academies ,Challenge Through Sport Initiative - Demonstrating Impact,New direction of working for 2016-17 with a focus on the learner’s journey and moving away from the “Traditional” coaching pathway. We have had tried some new ways of working with groups and individuals and utilising the AQA structure for intro to leadership. A great example of using the AQA within a project was within a Positive Together Climbing project which was well received with the climbing group. The training was achieved by working with the group during the activity with peer support and delivered in a flexible format that outcomes could be met during climbing sessions. Use of a more flexible format delivered within climbing sessions meant a better engagement as the group felt more assured and confident by attending with peers. From this piece of work we will be looking at utilising on a wider scale across more of the LSP projects to encourage the first step into coaching and leadership.Within the Satellite Club Volunteer programme a total of 36 leaders have been trained. 26 males / 10 females. With new leaders trained this has shown an impact of engaging 240 new participants across 6 schools. In CSI we have 9 support workers trained and upskilled to be mentors to be able to support volunteers and also 20 new volunteers recruited and trained in Safeguarding and First Steps into coaching. Other workshops included – equity, engaging sessions and behaviour change with volunteers and support workers attending and being upskilled,We created the Sports-Hub that has replaced Coaching Lancashire this was launched at the end of November with a promotion to engage volunteers and coaches. Sports-Hub has additional functions that allow volunteers and coaches to log hours and gain rewards for their commitment to their roles and engagement to sessions of sport and physical activity.,The Lancashire Sports Awards, have been developed in partnership with each of Lancashire's local authorities in order to celebrate sporting achievement and showcase best practice throughout the County.,43 young leaders have attended and trained as officials for their sport which include timekeeping, umpires and junior officials as well as tournament organisers.Swimming Academy has now been taken over by swim northwest and is running as a regional volunteer programme. Judo and netball will be recruiting again and starting the new academy in September 2017 ,Lancashire Coaching Academies has seen some success stories over the last 2 years of the programme. Working across 4 sports which include Swimming, Judo, Netball and Gymnastics.,Overall 56 new young leaders recruited and developed over the 2 years,15 mentors trained and upskilled to support the development of young leaders,36 young leaders have progressed to gain level 1 and 5 have now achieved level 2,38 have completed personal development plans with their mentors,SummaryOver the last twelve months, we have made real strides in widening our partnership to include a number of Women and Girl focussed organisations; Girl Guides North West, Lancashire Federation of Womens’ Institute, Lancashire LGBT, Lancashire Women’s Centre, Cancer Research, Chamber of Commerce ‘Women in Business’ division and the Families Health and Well-Being Consortium.In October 2016, we held our foremost successful ‘Girl Talk’ Event attracting over 50 people from 32 organisations. The introduction of non-traditional partners at this event has since resulted in a number of key further pieces of work across the partnership such as; Girl Guides NW hosting their first Multi-Sports Event in Blackpool this September, and the What Women Want (WWW) programme in Preston being showcased as best practice and since sharing the key lessons learned to other partners who deliver female only projects.,Over 1,600 youngsters took part in the largest youth sporting event in the county, which saw pupils from 15 Lancashire districts battle it out at Blackpool’s Stanley Park to be crowned county champions in 16 sports including cricket, tennis, athletics and gymnastics.An opening ceremony hosted by Rock FM presenter Jordan North kick-started proceedings, which saw pupils create a sea of colours as they marched in the district parade before enjoying a rousing dance performance by students from Chorley’s Parklands High School. ,Peter Dodding, sales and marketing director at James Hall & Company Ltd, said: “This is the tenth year SPAR has supported the Lancashire School Games and we’re thrilled to be a part of the largest sporting event in the Lancashire school sporting calendar. As we’re committed to encouraging young people of all abilities to participate in competitive sport, it’s fantastic to see how enthusiastic and passionate children across Lancashire are about keeping active and fit.” “As ever, there were some outstanding sporting displays and it was fantastic to see such a positive sporting spirit. I’d like to congratulate everyone who took part and all those who helped to make the county finals such a success.” ,,,The Primary School Sport Premium support has drawn down £68k of Sport England funding to help develop a school sport,During 2016/17 25 primary schools have been offered and taken up one to one support,The Lancashire PE and School Sport Conference took place in July 2016 supporting 90 schools,200 school staff received CPD opportunities via NGB, LCC and YST courses and training workshops.,SummaryOver the last 12 months we have had significant impact with engaging children and young people in sport and physical activity. We have developed two main strands which include education (covering primary, secondary, Further Education and Higher Education) and community (through 3rd sector organisations and housing associations). Our successful Sport England programme delivery has meant additional investment into Sportivate, Satellite Clubs and Positive Together as well as continued investment into the Primary School Sport Premium role. Within education setting we have had significant impact in supporting primary schools, working with the Secondary Heads of PE group to further develop Satellite Clubs and worked with Further Education settings to develop the College Sport Maker offer using sport and physical activity to aid mental wellbeing in the run up to exam season. School Games has been another major success which has grown year on year attracting thousands of children and young people with participation, competition and volunteering opportunities. We also had continued support from the SPAR who invested £35k of sponsorship.,SummaryThe last twelve months have seen some great progress with our disability work particularly around the training that we have been able to support and provide to deliverers around disability. Over the course of the year we have organised and delivered a total of 12 Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All Inclusive Community training workshops. This saw a total of 220 individuals who currently support disabled people or are likely to support them in the future, trained to help get them active. As part of our training we also funded and delivered two Boccia Leaders courses in the county, which resulted in 25 new coaches who can deliver the sport.,55% of Lancashire women take NO part in sport or physical activity, compared to males 18+ 44%, due to work and family commitments, child care and lack of confidence (Sport England).,The 2016 Lancashire Sports Awards were held at the Hilton Hotel, Blackpool on 25th November. There were over 400 sponsors, partners, athletes, nominees and family and friends in attendance who’d all come out to show their support and dedication to community sport in Lancashire. SambAfriq opened the evening with their energetic Afro Brazilian drumming, which brought a bit of Rio to the event and set the stage for an inspiring night of achievement. The evening, sponsored by Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, was presented by former Rock FM DJ Danny Bee and included a number of Lancashire’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Nine trophies were awarded on the night to schools, clubs, coaches, volunteers and up and coming athletes who have all excelled in their own way over the last year. ,Nine talented athletes from across the county have been awarded a cash boost to help them achieve their sporting goals.The Lancashire Rising Star Fund, in association with Lancashire Sport Partnership, the University of Central Lancashire and Fettle, awarded grants of £1000 to individuals to support the cost of travel, training, accommodation, competition fees and equipment. In addition to the money, each athlete will received a tailored package of support from UCLan that included strengthening and conditioning services, nutritional advice and support and access toUCLan’s sports and training facilities. The athletes were:,Aaron Winstanley, Water PoloBen Martin, SwimmingEmma Whitaker, Modern Pentathlon,Fiona Crackles, Hockey Jacob Roberts, Hammer Throw Jos Winstanley, Water Polo , Joseph Crawford, Boxing Lucy Moores, Trampoline Robert Holmes, Alpine Skiing,55% of Lancashire women take NO part in sport or physical activity, compared to males 18+ 44%, due to work and family commitments, child care and lack of confidence (Sport England).,There are a number of barriers which prevent disabled people from participating in sport and physical activity such as Accessibility, Health and Safety, Lack of Awareness of requirements, Insufficient inclusive sports, Lack of support, Transport and Cost. 73% of those with a limiting disability do NO sport or physical activity,Colin's StoryBefore engaging with the CSI project, Colin had spent over 20 years homeless, in prison and addicted to drugs. His chaotic lifestyle had led to him commit a large amount of crime meaning he was classified as a ‘prolific offender’ by the criminal justice system. After the death of his sister to a drugs overdose; Colin decided it was time to turn his life around and began to engage with various support networks. ‘I had been in and out of narcotics anonymous but it hadn’t worked so I thought I would look for something else, that’s when I got introduced to Jane at CSI’.,Colin told us that he now has a keen interest in physical health and makes a concerted effort to eat healthy meals and do regular exercise. Colin advised that because of this change in behaviour he has already started to lose weight. Without the support and encouragement from the CSI project it is unlikely that Colin would have adapted his behaviour as this was something that he had not previously considered. In April 2013, Sport England estimated that the cost of physical inactivity in Lancashire 14 was £29,282,690. In 2013-14 46.8% of the Lancashire population failed to meet CMO guidelines of 150 minutes per week and 31.4% failed to take part in at least 30 minutes of physical activity per week. This represents an average annual cost of £42.33 per person (calculated using population statistics from the ONS).As a result of his improved health Colin also advised that he is making less trips to the doctors. On average, he would often visit his GP at least once a week. One GP consultation costs 41.00 and so we can therefore assume a cost saving of £41.00 per week or £492 per year and total cost saving of £534 per year.,55,000,Women & Girls,Disability,Healthly Lives,Clubs and Facilities,Actual,2016 - 17 Annual Report,Looking ahead to 2017 - 2018,60,168,Aim,Children and Young People,Finance,Over 1000 participants engaged in the programme,10 Support Workers,25 volunteers,71 projects have now been delivered and established over the 3 years,2945 individuals engaged in Sport & PA,plans to take this up to the 75 target before the end of May 2017,Delivery in 71 of Lancashire’s Most deprived wards (Top 10% IMD).,SummaryTo get people more active they need to be inspired. Coaches and volunteers have a major role within this, as without supporting these people, it’s unlikely we can increase the number of people starting and staying active. Volunteers involved in sport in Lancashire 7.4% of population.Coaches registered on Coaching Lancashire - 1,737Over the last year we have supported the development of the clubs by offering workshops linked to Club Matters. The workshops include: club finances, club structure, marketing, business strategy and tax requirements for club people. As part of our offer we support governing bodies to help clubs through the clubmark accreditation via the online application and onsite visits.,Mickey has been in and out of Prison since 12 he was 12 and got caught in vicious circle of leaving prison then getting into trouble with the police and his family. He has been working hard to find ways that he can be kept busy in a positive lifestyle. Challenge through Sport Initiative was something he saw on the internet and followed it up. Following positive communications with support workers Mickey decided to give it a go and has never looked back. CSI has given Mickey the confidence to go out and meet new people and speak to people who he would never have spoken to before.,Thomas Spence is 14 years old and has recently joined the police cadets. He had very little experience or interaction with horses before taking part in the sessions but he had an interest in the becoming part of the Mounted Police. . At the beginning of the project, Thomas was a very shy teenager.,Thomas took part in the weekly sessions at Midgeland Riding School, taking full advantage of the riding school’s fantastic facilities. As a participant on the project, Thomas completed the BHS Progressive Test One which proves the learners’ proficiency in a range of basic horse care and riding tasks. Speaking to Thomas about the project, he said that he has noticed a marked improvement in his confidence around new people and trying new things. He also commented that the respect he has for others, people of different age groups and the work they do has grown massively. Thomas overall feels a lot more confident and positive about himself and his future., Work also includes:Continued support of the Daily Mile programme across Lancashire, about 80+ accessed training / have been supported.,On behalf of SE Implement projects and facilitate relationships,Support Local Authorities by consent,Finance,Summary51% of people in Lancashire do NO sport or physical activity.Our work on healthy lifestyles has focued on communicating activities on offer across the county within easy reach to all members of the community & the long term health benefits of getting physically active.We have taken a lead role in influencing partners to make activities available to all members of the community, thinking about the barriers individuals perceive,www.lancashiresport.org.ukcontact@lancashiresport.org.uk,Lancashire Sport Partnership,Granular understanding Place and People,Broker & facilitate wider range of relationships,Lancashire Sport Partnership will take a lead role and facilitate joint work across the partnership to enable an effective 'delivery system' for Sport and physical activity within the County.The core team will support and facilitate an effective 'delivery system' on behalf of the County partnership. We will work in partnership to change behaviours and build skills to enable physically active and sporting lifestyles How we do this: Through a PLACE based approach Targeting resources based on insight and achieving effective outcomes Through our leadership, development and support to delivery networks ,Looking ahead to 2017 - 2018,Physical Activity NetworkClinical Champions,Mental HealthDigital Technology,Primary School Sport Premium,We have done a range of case studies throughout the year to demonstrate the impact of the CSI project. Read Colin's story here.