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Living and working together - what brings us together?




Creating together






RecipesGreat Bake Off

ExpressionHave fun!


Discover games and sportsSharingHaving fun

Create quizzesORganise challengesPlay togetherHave fun

Make presentationsOrganise debatesCreate sketches

Making a filmCreating a posterCreating a flyerDesigning stickers to handoutCreating a comic bookA photo story.

Present the project's findings.Invite our communities to take part.Vote for the most creative work...


1: Share recipes with each other in EnglishDo this between Spain and France.2. Bake the food in the recipes, film the result and the tasting.Before France..

In FranceA bake-off in mixed teams with parents and students invited to taste and choose the best version of the recipe...


1. Choose 3 songs to interpret in English or in the 3 languages of the project... (French, English or Spanish...)In France each team draws a card and has to work on its interpretation of the song.Mini competition at the end of the week - students/parents are judges

2. Choose a song and change the words to convey our project's message.Learn the song, practice it, film it and teach it back at home for the start of the new school year...

3. ???


1. Organise a flashmob for everyone.

2. Recreate the flashmob in each school.

3. Organise the project party.

4. ???


1. Choose a sport that represents each country.Send the rules to each country.Test the sports in sport lessons and film them.

2. Use sport as an ice-breaking activity.

4. ???

3. Organise mini tournaments in France during lunch time - mixed teams.


1. Each team organises a quiz for the other teams to play on quiz night.The quizzes are written using kahoot and people play using their mobile phones.

2. We organise board games workshops in EnglishDobbleTabouTimes Up

3. We organise mini challenges such as the "777" in Swedish... challenge"Un chasseur sachant chasser" in French...

Presentations, debates, sketches...

1. We choose themes for mini debates in English and each team prepares for these during the week. On the last day we organise the final. Parents / students judge.

2. Each team makes a presentation on one aspect of the project for the final day.

3. Each team creates a sketch in English about something they observed or lived during one of the mobilities...

Creating together

1. Make a video clip together

2. Create a photo story together.

3.Design a poster together.

4. Create a flyer about the themes of the project together.

5. Make stickers linked to the project to hand out back at school.

6. Create a comic strip about the project.


Questions that need answers:

Which activities should we do between the week in Spain and the week in France?What is the best way to organise the week in France?Which visits do we include?What activities do we organise to finalise the project in the best way?

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