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Giulia Terzo


The medieval village

The village, even if is defined as medieval, has much older origins. It was the harbour and the oldest part of the volcanic city of Antium and was called Cenone. It is therefore the oldest area of ​​the entire Antium. It was once the access to the fortified town is along the promenade Matteotti, Piazza Mazzini, Via della Resistenza Nettunese and the marina.

The village is currently inhabited by few people there are many restaurants, pubs and clubs . In the evenings, especially the summer ones, the streets of the village are crowded with people for the massive presence of leasure facilities.

The fountain of god Neptune

The Fountain of Neptune, a symbol of the city, bearing the name of pagan god of the sea, Neptune, in Mazzini square. Its location, however, is not the original one and the monument itself is made up of two different parts: the statue of Neptune and the shell drawn by the horses with its tub. The work was completed between 1949 and 1950. Various conservative interventions made in time, including the one in 1997 of the "Neptune Insieme" association

The sea and the beautiful beaches

Neptune is also famous for the beautiful beaches and the clear sea, which has always attracted tourists from all over the world. We can find bathing resort all over the coast, to reach the fishing port … symbol of great elegance for the city.The economy of the place has always been based on summer tourism that brings great profits and a great night-life movement. In the summer city comes to life and is illuminated by a particularly fresh and new light.