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A week in the Czech Republic with Erasmus+
-A travel diary-

We arrived in the Czech Republic...


...after a long journey by bus, plane and train...

At school in Frýdlant we did so many activities...

...let's show you!

We visited the Science and Technology Centre in Ostrava...

...where we could build a robot and program it!

We also had some fun...

...in our free time!

We went twice to Ostrava´s Technical University

There we learnt to program Arduino and build LEGO robots...

We also saw how a supercomputer works, but no photos, top secret!

...and we even prepared robots for a fight!!! Brilliant!

Then the Czech TV interviewed us!

We also visited Tatra´s truck factory!

Back to Frýdlant´s school we attended some robot workshops. Awesome!


Back home we had a lot to tell

It was an unforgettable experience