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Latina is a municipality in the province of Lazio, Italy. It is the second city of Lazio for the number of inhabitants, preceded only by Rome. Is an area rich in tourist resources (museums, national parks, art galleries etc.), it is a destination for tourist flows from around the world

Latina city


Latina is the first of the four "new cities" built in the province of Latina, born with the name Littoria. It was originally populated by massive immigration from colonists from Veneto and Emilia Romagna, as well as from Abruzzo and other Lazio centers. Established as a rural center, it has transformed its economy under the auspices of the development of industry, trade and the creation of structures for culture, services and tourism: Pontina University, Theater and Palace of Culture, A large museum area of ​​Piana delle Orme, recreational and sports facilities. They make crowns in the capital of the numerous villages, the first civil nucleuses born during the reclamation, bearing the names of places in World War I. Located in the center of a marine-mountainous area, its tourist area develops along the wide seafront. The eastern part of the Circeo National Park includes the important oasis of Fogliano, with the same coastal lake, the English villa, the botanical garden and the structures for the naturalistic animation and the study of the 'environment.

Tourism in Latin

The square rises like an emerged land, like an island. It reaches the dimension of the long, perimeter porticos, in spatial and fruitful continuity with the historic buildings that delimit it, establishing a new relationship of interaction between the semi-open (porch) and totally open spaces of the new squares system.</br>From the "historic" square you reach the new square of the "contemporary city", the two spaces are ideally separated from the axis of the Course, marked in the pavement and reinforced by the tree line. The "Contemporary City" square is a graded, invaded, invaded by a grove. Here the water element passes from symbolic evocation to playful and changeable character.There are many events that take place in this square including 'Latina made a selfie' which is an event organized to gather all the inhabitants, make them go out, have fun and make a maxi selfie

Piazza del Popolo

.Just over an hour from San Felice Circeo there is a unique garden where ancient ruins of a prosperous city blend with rare and secular plants.</br>The Garden is born on the ashes of Ninfa, a laughing medieval town on the only way of communication that from Rome led to the south by the brigands and the unhealthy swamps that infested those areas. Ninfa's garden is a natural monument of the Republic of Italy located in the territory of the municipality of Cisterna di Latina, at the border with Norma and Sermoneta. It is a typical English garden, begun by Gelasio Caetani in 1921, in the area of the medieval Ninfe's disappearing town, of which today only a few ruins remain, some of which have been restored during the creation of the garden.

The nymph gardens

Palace sports PalaBianchini

The PalaBianchini is the main sports building in the city of Latina, dedicated to the memory of Nicola Bianchini. It was inaugurated on June 4, 1975. It has undergone several restoration work since the city teams enjoying the facility were promoted to major championships. Among the restoration work is the extension of the seating capacity of the building up to today's 2500 by building a new forum inside the structure and the expansion of the existing tribunes.On February 19 this year the Palabianchini has sood outdevuto volleyball between Perugia and Top Volley Latina