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Created on Mon May 22 2017 10:24:17 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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used in the past for creation of swords and statues, but now ...,METALLIC ALLOYS,Baroni Francesca ,Bertoni Cesare ,Bosi Niccolòc, Krumpf Martin,Leonardi Giacomo,iii^ES,what are alloys ?,,COAL,+,IRON,----->,STELLORCAST IRON,How they are created ...,Dispersion of components as ina liquid solution...,Heat up to the melting of individual alloy components ...,cooling until solidification,TYPES OF ALLOYS,In aN ALLOY you may have different cases Based on the mutual actions OF atoms:,,Disordered solid solutionORDERED SOLID SOLUTIONIntermetallic compoundeutectic alloying,bronze,uses of titanium in aereonautic fieldALPHA AND BETA PHASES,TITANIUM,STEEL,STELL IS AN ALLOY USED IN MANY FIELD,biomedical applicationtitanium's biocompatibily,* click animation to open phargraphs,* click animation to open phargraphs,* click animation to open phargraphs