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Les productions #TraAMDoc du collège Wallon

Created on Thu Apr 27 2017 05:38:09 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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C. Soubic@caro_albertini,I EXTENDEDMYVISION IN:,WHAT WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE UNTIL ARRIVEHERE ?,2012,2013,2011,2010,2014,I WANT TO BE GENIALLY BECAUSE...,WHERE DID YOU LEARN ALL YOU KNOW?,THIS IS ALL I KNOW TO DO,JAVASCRIPT,.NET,HTML,...............,...............,PHP,Your attitudes also value,TELL US MORE ABOUT YOU,Classe de 6e5 ;La Thym babelio.,Classe de 6e6 ;Lecteurs_amusés.,Classe de 6e8 ;Henri Wallbel.,Classe de 5e4 ;5e4defibabelio,Classe de 3e6 ;chroniquesvaillantesde Wallon,Collège Henri WallonLa Seyne sur mer41 infographies, 69 nuages de mots clés, 44 capsules audios, 12 booktrailers, 19 présentations orales, 115 critiques,Témoignages élèveset parents d'élèves,Journées autour dela lecture