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10 Actions to Save the Planet

International Earth Day

April 22, 2017

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TRANSPORTATION. Instead of driving, try to walk, ride your bike, and skate when you need to get somewhere. Other great options are public transport and ride shares.

WATER. Don't forget to shut off your faucet and take showers instead of baths. Collect rainwater in buckets and use it to water your plants.

FOOD. Buy local products, and reduce your meat intake.

ELECTRICITY. Regulate thermostats, turn off lights when not in use, use energy-efficient light bulbs and rechargeable batteries.

RECYCLE. Avoid using plastic bags, and separate waste to help conserve natural resources.

PAPER. Avoid printing, and if you do print, use recycled paper! Use documents and tools online. Modify documents (reduce the text size and print in black and white). You're sure to save a tree!

PACKAGING AND DISPOSABLE ITEMS. Try to buy reusable containers and packages. It's better to use a glass instead of a plastic cup. Avoid over-packaged items with extra layers of plastic.

CONSUMPTION. Buy less, share more. Give away what you no longer use, and trade games and books.

NATURE. Plant trees, grow plants or collect litter...

EDUCATE, MAKE AWARE. Have your kids and students participate in workshops and extra-curricular activities which raise awareness about the environment. Education works best from a young age.