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10 Things More Likely Than Dying in a Plane Crash

Winning an Olympic Gold Medal. (1 in 662,000)

Death by lightning. (1 in 136,011)

Becoming a nudist. (1 in 6,000)

Drowning in your bathtub. (1 in 840,000)

Being born with an extra finger or toe. (1 in 500)

Giving birth to conjoined twins. (1 in 200,000 unless, of course, you're a man.)

Dating a millionaire. (1 in 215. Higher than you thought, right?)

Dating a supermodel. (1 in 88,000)

Being killed by a meteorite. (1 in 700,000)

Becoming President of the United States. (1 in 10,000,000)