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NEWSPAPER,MASTHEAD,DECK,HEADLINE,BY-LINE,LEAD,PARAGRAPH 1,DETAILS,PARAGRAPH 2,The Newtown Art Gallery on Costable Street was broken into the middle of the night. Fifty works of art were stolen from the gallery. Apparently, a number of thieves worked together so that they could finish quickly.,The theft was discovered by the gallery's manager, Mr. Edward Anderson, when he arrived at work this morning. A window was broken in order to enter the gallery. Forty paintings and ten sculptures were reported missing. According to police, a van was seen as it was leaving the gallery at about three o'clock this morning. The van was grey and the name of a local shop was written on it.,Police are investigating at the moment. They are also questioning the gallery's workers to collect additional information.,AND NOW?,PRAGRAPH 3, MODEL ,CUTLINE,PHOTO CREDIT