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Recommendations and next steps,4,6,Get Moving Program Evaluation Project,UW Community Oriented Public Health Practice,1,5,2,5,4,3,2,Project background,3,1,Gratitude,What we found,Project partners,What comes next,What we did,Meet the COPHP students, Lakema Bell and Get Moving, and the second-year grantee organizations!,Project PurposeSeattle Parks and Recreation Get Moving,,Pilot findings and a summary of the grantee experience with Get Moving,6,Our background research, our tools, and our piloting experience,AustinFoundation,Garinagu HounGua,Nailah Harris,Young Women Empowered(Y-WE),Father and Sons Together (FAST),Sea Mar,Lao Women Association,Vision Loss Connections,6,1,5,4,3,2,HOME,PROJECT BACKGROUND,Healthy People, Healthy Environment, Strong Communities -Seattle Parks and Recreation,Project Purpose,Learn more aboutGet Moving!,WHAT WE FOUND,HOME,THE GRANTEE EXPERIENCE,PILOT FINDINGS,1.1. Action Step: At contract signing, supply all grantee organizations with directions and information on how to reapply for the grant at the end of the cycle.1.2. Action Step: Familiarize grantees with Get Moving’s governance and funding structure.,2,HOME,WHAT COMES NEXT,3,4,5,1,Recommended Action Steps for Get Moving,6,1. Grantee organizations want to have a better understanding of how the Get Moving application/award process works.,3.1. Action Step: Gather feedback from grantee organizations and their leadership (staff or volunteers), not just feedback fromparticipants.,5.1. Action Step: Facilitate 2 meetings per grant cycle, one at the beginning and one at the end, where grantees can share knowledge and lessons learned.,2. Grantee organizations need to be able to choose an evaluation tool that supports and reflects their activities and the communities they each serve.,3. Grantees organizations desire more opportunities to share feedback on how Get Moving can better support their work.,4. Grantees want to see any data that Get Moving collects, and many want to use this data to strengthen their organizations.,5. Grantee organizations would like more opportunities to share ideas, skills, and best practices with one another on how to improve the health of their communities.,An innovative program,HOME,Healthy Parks, Healthy You is now Get Moving,Get Moving is funding partnerships with community-based programs that fight obesity and encourage exercise and active lifestyles, with a special focus on under-resourced communities, seniors and youth. ,The Get Moving model,Activities,Mission,to transform lives, through education, positive mentors and providing accessible, safe, interactive opportunities for young people to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.,Austin Foundation,HOME,The Austin Foundation offers fitness programs for youth and adults throughout Seattle and King County. Some programs are offered in schools, others are offered in community centers. One program they offer is a mother and child fitness class tailored for East African women and their children. This program is hosted at Rainier Vista Neighborhood Home and New Holly Gathering Hall.,Activities,Mission,To maintain and rescue Garifuna heritage, and to connect Garifuna people in Seattle, building a strong community.,Garinagu HounGua,HOME,Teaching our kids about their culture; that is a top priotity for Garinagu HounGua.Garinagu HounGua seeks to solidify the Garifuna heritage by passing on to our kids the traditions, language, and dancesthat are a representative of our culture and our overall identity. We strive to form a sense of pride in our kids.,Mission,Activities,To foster and strengthen the relationship between a father/son by working together with the goal of strengthening our families and the communities where we live.Fatherhood | Family | Community,Fathers and Sons Together (FAST),HOME,Imagine: Fathers and Sons sharing first time activities together and joining others of the same; gaining strength from each other.,Mission,Activities,To reunite and accommodate all Lao Women in WA. but not limited to: the seniors (elders), the disabled and others.,Lao Women Association,HOME,The Lao Women Association builds community together by playing badminton together; walking, picnic and playing, practicing traditional Lao dance.,Dancing, laughter, commmunity:,Mission,Activities,Nailah Harris,HOME,To create a positive space where families of all ages, backgrounds and communities can have a cultural multigenerational experience.Now is the time to honor our elders while encouraging them to shift leadership, responsibility and opportunity to the youth of today.,Dance classes of all types: African dance, hip hop, cheer moves, zumba, lyrical dancing, playing the Djembe drum. , Mission ,Sea Mar:,HOME,South Park’s youth now have the opportunity to play against other teams while the program remains an accessible soccer club within the South Park community.,South Park Youth Soccer Program,Mission,Vision Loss Connections,HOME,In pursuit of enjoyment, discovery and community.,Activities,For more than a decade, Vision Loss Connections has served the blind and low vision community in the Puget Sound Region, strengthening access to arts and culture, sports and recreation, support and education!,Meet the Seattle King Cobras!,Mission,Young Women Empowered,HOME,Activities,Young Women Empowered offers a diverse set of activities, from an Annual Career Day, Summer Camp, workshops, hikes, and more!,To empower young women from diverse backgrounds to step up as leaders in their schools, communities and the world. We do this through intergenerational mentorship, intercultural collaboration, and creative programs that equip girls with the confidence, resiliency, and leadership skills needed to achieve their goals and improve their communities., The Grantees , UW COPHP Students , Lakema Bell and Get Moving ,PROJECT PARTNERS,a collaboration between Sea Mar and the South Park Community Center, South Park Youth Soccer has become a beloved community program, Back to Grantees ,Based on our research, conversations, and evaluation tool pilots, we offer Lakema and her colleagues at the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Department the following recommendations:,2.1. Action Step: Provide each grantee organization with the full package of evaluation materials (e.g. arts-based, interviews and focus groups, and survey) and let them select the type of evaluation they want to use. 2.2. Action Step: Allow each grantee organization to add 2-3 individualized questions to the survey, interview, or focus group.,4.1. Action Step: Deliver a full copy of this report to each grantee.4.2. Action Step: Provide disaggregated (separated out by grantee), easy-to-read data to each grantee at the end of each Get Moving evaluation period.4.3. Action Step: Share disaggregated pilot findings data from this report with each of the grantees.,There's no creativity without fun, No innovation without creativity, No success without innovation. Are you ready to do awesome things?,There's no creativity without fun, No innovation without creativity, No success without innovation. Are you ready to do awesome things?,Municipalities Research,Toolkit Pilot Plan,Evaluation Toolkit,WHAT WE DID,Our,Gratitude,Through movement and trustLearning new ways of beingOutside of the box,Mothers and childrenBuilding strong bodies and mindsThey move together,Communities ruleThey can take care of their ownWe observe, in awe.,Wet, green grass beckonsSoccer season has come -- YES!Friendship, movement, fun!,What is most helpful?We continued to ask, butwe had to move on.,We are honored to have met and been able to support Lakema Bell, Get Moving staff, grantee organizations, and their community members through this project. Working together has changed us, and we hope these poems share insight into our personal journeys and thankfulness.,2017 2nd year Grantees,Take a moment toSmell the air, feel the breeze ...andtaste life through being,Excited, and scaredLet’s build together, heart firstThoughts of you, daily,Parks and Rec officeShops, cubicles, and workersPumped by Lakema,Community Engagement Ambassadors,The Grant Process and 2016 grantees,Logic Model: How it's Supposed to Work,Through our conversations with grantees, we heard many themes regarding the Get Moving fund and its impact on the organizations and communities. Every organization expressed deep gratitude for the Get Moving fund and its role in supporting their work. Get Moving has helped numerous organizations in Seattle provide fun, engaging and culturally-relevant activities, while building strong friendships and communities throughout the process. The organizations are deeply invested in the success and longevity of the Get Moving fund. These themes are taken directly from our conversations with grantees; while they don't not capture all the wisdom and detail of these conversations, it can provide general insight into the experience of grantees involved with Get Moving.,For evaluation, Get Moving grantees appreciated a shorter survey, as well the guides for focus groups and interviews that we piloted at their sites. Focus groups, interviews, and possibly arts-based evaluation tools and video testimonials may be options that can be personalized for each grantee to be culturally-appropriate and welcoming approaches to evaluation.,Our work to conduct this program evaluation project involved the following major steps:,We chose 30 cities like Seattle in size. Then we conducted online/phone research to learn if Parks & Rec in these cities had initiatives like Get Moving.We asked about 1) grant-offering programs, 2) community-based, culturally-tailored programs, and 3) peer-to-peer structure.,CEA INTERVIEW,We consulted with experts on community-based methods and youth-friendly evaluation tools. Then we improved Get Moving's existing survey and summarized 2016 data. We also designed new evaluationtools including focus groups, individual interviews, and arts-based activities, and packagedall tools into one single "toolkit", complete with user guides.,Our evaluation work drew conclusions in different contexts:,We piloted (tested) the toolkit with grantee leadership and members to see what worked and what didn't. Based on what we heard during the piloting process, we 1) modified our toolkit, 2) summarized our findings, and 3) created some Action Steps that Get Moving can take to better support grantees.,PILOT FINDINGS,We compiled a variety of evaluation tools ranging from a standard survey, interview and focus group to arts-based evaluation tools. We were unable to pilot any of the arts-based tools, but our findings from piloting the other evaluation tools is discussed in this section, organized by grantee organization.,Lao Women Association,Sea Mar,Vision Loss Connections,HOME,Lakema Bell,Limitations,Overall,THE GRANTEE EXPERIENCE,01,03,02,Get Moving allowed us to do more to serve our community,This grant allows us to run culturally-appropriate exercise programs that help people in our community feel comfortable exercising,The programs are more than just exercise - it is a social time for us to be together as community,HOME,Feedback from Grantees about the Evaluation Process,THANK YOU!,1,HOME,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,HOME,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,HOME,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6, Back to Grantees , Back to Grantees , Back to Grantees , Back to Grantees , Back to Grantees , Back to Grantees , Back to Grantees ,6.1 Hire additional paid staff to support Get Moving and ensure implementation of these recommendations. ,2,HOME,WHAT COMES NEXT,3,4,5,1,Recommended Action Steps for Get Moving,6,6. The Get Moving administrative team is incredibly invested in the success of the Fund, but is at capacity for providing support to grantees.,Final and most important recommendation: