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TLC2017 Warsaw Poland

Created on Sun Feb 26 2017 10:30:17 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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Think about good practices and support players who have some visual impairments so that they could play and feel like game characters. They can be e.g.,The sixth Translation and Localization Conference,24-25 March 2017 in Warsaw,,http://www.translation-conference.com/program/,Would you like to know how to implement the WCAG 2.0 rules?,Are you interested in improving some applications to support the end-users who want to play a wide range of games?,Change the black world into colourful images!,It is not difficult. Take part in the lecture ,Game localization and accessibility - the WCAG 2.0 rules,Come and learn how to:,add alternative text,describe the images in all ALT attributes,nest the html attribute "alt",improve simple descriptions of images in applications, implement many other elements...,WCAG 2.0,ALT,html,Sound Garden Hotel┼╗wirki i Wigury 18 02-092 Warszawa,The lecture conducted bydr Izabela Mrochen,http://www.izabela.mrochen.us.edu.pl,Come and learn how to produce effective accessible games conforming WCAG 2.0 ,Come and implement an alternative text to support the end-users with visual impairment,Take part in the lecture to check a contrast ratio,Come and become a responsible translator and localizer who breaks down the barriers ,24 March (Friday)2:00pm - 2:45pm,The sixth Translation and Localization Conference,Accessible Computer Games,Look at the conference program,Check the conference venue and plan your stay in Warsaw,Izabela MrochenUniversity of Silesia