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Google Cultural Institute,Exploring digital museums, libraries and web archives ,by Jadwiga Przestrzelska,Virtual tour of the Leaning Tower of PisaProjectsHistorical movements, figures, artefactsArtists and their worksWonders of the worldVirtual tours,A close-up of Saint Cristopher by Hieronymous Bosch,World Digital Library,"Sorpréndanos con una frase rompedora", "A project of the U.S. Library of Congress, carried out with the support of the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO), and in cooperation with libraries, archives, museums, educational institutions, and international organizations from around the world."View artefacts such as manuscripts, photographs, paintings.Timelines, interactive maps.Explore by topic, time period, place, institution.,Europeana continued,"Sorpréndanos con una frase rompedora", #uccdh,Thank you for watching!,Slideshow, recorded presentation and bibliography on my blog:http://www.jadwiga-dh.com/presentation-exploring-digital-museums-libraries-and-web-archives/,Biblioteca Digital Hispanica,"Sorpréndanos con una frase rompedora",- Digital library of the Biblioteca Nacional de España.- Over 150, 000 manuscripts, drawings, music scores, sound records, maps and more.Objectives:"To disseminate Spanish cultural heritage while assuring that Spanish cultural legacy is protected and safeguarded.To fulfil the commitment to the European Union to help create the future European Digital Library, which will offer unique, multilingual online access to holdings in European cultural institutions.",Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek,"Sorpréndanos con una frase rompedora",German Digital Library"Aims to open up the cultural and scientific German world to everyone through the free portal of the internet."Thousands of books, archives, photographs, sculptures, music scores and other documents, films and notes.Browse people, exhibitions, institutions.,British Library,Online exhibitionsAlice in WonderlandAnimal TalesBritish comicsGreek manuscriptsHebrew manuscriptsMaps,Compare the British Library's two copies of Johann Gutenberg's Bible,Treasures in fullCaxton’s ChaucerCodex SinaiticusGutenberg BibleMagna CartaShakespeare Quartos,British Library continued,Virtual booksMozart's musical diaryBible from EthiopiaJane Austen's early workLeonardo da Vinci selection,DRI: Digital Repository of Ireland ,"TheDigital Repository of Irelandis anational trusted digital repository for Ireland's social and cultural data. National service for the long-term digital preservation of Ireland’s humanities, social science, and cultural heritage resources.""Browse artworks and hear fascinating life histories, read cherished old letters and listen to music and archived broadcasts, or dig through business records and ephemera. There are sound files, sharp and luscious photographs, videos, historical documents, high quality images, publications, and more.",DRI continued - some examples,Inspiring Ireland Project - RTE,12 images2 audio8 video,47 scanned manuscripts and 47 transcripts, each containing 3807 pages.,Seán Mac Giollarnáth digital collectionSeán Mac Giollarnáth (1880-1970), folklorist and writer, compiled a renowned manuscript collection, mostly of folklore material, while he was district justice in Conamara (1925-1950). ,Web Archives,"Sorpréndanos con una frase rompedora",Why archive a website?The web is dynamic, ever-changing and constantly being updated. Although this is one of the advantages of the internet, it also means that much web content is often deleted or replaced with new content, invloving the disappearance of valuable information."This media is pervasive in our society and certainly today one of it most important representation. From presidential elections to music festivals, every event is an opportunity to create, update or close a website. However, like any other media (publications, audiovisual, music), it is essential to preserve Web content, which has a cultural value. According to this view, Web archiving question should be viewed in the perspective of heritage preservation.",Internet Archive,"Sorpréndanos con una frase rompedora",The largest web crawling organisation.Archive the entire web.279 billion web pages saved since 1996.,Internet Archive continued,"Sorpréndanos con una frase rompedora",Also archives -modern ebooks (300, 000), texts (10 million),-videos, films (over 3 million)-music, audio (over 3.2 million)-software: programs, documentation, multimedia (over 150, 000)-images (over 1.3 million),Internet Memory Foundation,"Sorpréndanos con una frase rompedora","Internet Memory Foundation is a non-profit institution. It actively supports the preservation of Internet as a new media for heritage and cultural purpose."Web archive collections: Elections Legislatives France 2012 Elections Presidentielles France 2012 European Institutions – OP and HAEU European Organization for Nuclear Research (Switzerland) - CERN National Library of Ireland - NLI National Records of Scotland Public Record Office of Northern Ireland - PRONI The National Archives - TNA UK Parliament ,UK Web Archive,"Sorpréndanos con una frase rompedora","The UK Web Archive contains websites that publish research, that reflect the diversity of lives, interests and activities throughout the UK, and demonstrate web innovation."Since 2004Special Collections include -19th century English literature-Olympic & Paralympic games 2012-UK General Election 2010-First World War Centenary, 2014-18-Queen's Diamond Jubilee 2012,The Codex Purpureus Petropolitanus, a Greek manuscript of the Gospels, was written in the fifth century.,National Library of Ireland Web Archive,Browse or search website relevant to Irish life, culture and heritage.Web archive collections include:-Remembering 1916, Recording 1916-Referendums 2011-15-Budgets-General Election 2011-Presidential Election 2011,Web archiving is an activity whereby a copy of a web site at a particular point in time is collected and preserved for future use. This copy is fully functioning and can be navigated like a live website.,Why digitise?,Access-Electronic mediums provide the most dynamic access for searching.Preservation-Very accurate representation of original with laser scanning and 3D representation.Manipulation-Digital tools allow for easy image manipulation,Why digitise heritage?,-Knowledge of heritage necessary in order to build awareness of local, regional, national and global identity.-An appreciation of the past invaluable for us to grow in our understanding of religious, social, political, economical and cultural development and thus develop as a society.,Europeana,Portal to wide array of digital heritage content freely available.Approx. 10% of Europe’s heritage has been digitised and harnessed by Europeana-Over 500 million digitised books, paintings, letters, recordings, interviews, photographs, etc.. Objectives:- make Europe's cultural and scientific heritage available through the cross-domain portal Europeana.eu;- work with museums, archives, audiovisual archives and libraries to deliver the portal and make it sustainable;- to import digitised items into the portal;- to encourage and support the digitisation of more of Europe's cultural and scientific heritage.,Browse collections about historical people, art, culture, places, fashion, music and events.