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1 pointbe was/were beenbegin began begunbecome became becomebite bit bittenblow blew blownbreak broke brokenbring brought broughtbuild built builtburn burnt burntbuy bought bought2 pointsbear bore bornbeat beat beatenbend bent bentbet bet betbid bade/bid bidden/bidbleed bled bledbreed bred bredbroadcast broadcast broadcastburst burst burst


1 pointtake took takenteach taught taughttell told toldthink thought thought2 pointsthrow threw throwntear tore torn


1 pointhurt hurt hurthave had had hear heard heardhit hit hit 2 pointshide hid hiddenhold held heldhang hung hung


1 pointfall fell fallenfeel felt feltfight fought foughtfind found foundforget forgot forgotten2 pointsfly flew flownforbid forbad(e) forbiddenforecast forecast forecastfreeze froze frozenfeed fed fed


1 pointEat ate eaten


1 pointdo did donedream dreamt dreamtdrink drank drunkdrive drove driven2 pointsdeal dealt dealtdig dug dugdraw drew drawn


1 pointpay paid paid put put put



1 pointmake made mademeet met met2 pointsmean meant meant


1 pointslearn learnt learntleave left leftlend lent lentlet let letlose lost lost2 pointslay laid laidlead led ledlie lay lain


1 pointcan couldchoose chose chosen come came come cost cost cost cut cut cut2 pointscatch caught caught


1 pointsay said saidsee saw seensell sold soldsend sent sentshut shut shutsing sang sungsit sat satsleep slept sleptsmell smelt smeltspeak spoke spokenspeed sped spedspend spent spent steal stole stolenswim swam swum2 pointsset set setshake shook shakenshine shone shoneshoot shot shotshow showed shownshrink shrank shrunksink sank sunkswear swore swornsweep swept sweptspoil spoilt spoiltslide slid slidstand stood stood


1 pointread read read ride rode riddenrun ran run2 pointsring rang rung rise rose risen


1 pointkeep kept keptknow knew known2 pointskneel knelt knelt


IRREGULAR VERBSAim: to revise irregular verbs.Level: intermediateProcedure:Explain that this a competition to be played in pairs: student A and BWhole class: As decide on a letter to challenge Bs.Bs will have one minute to write as many irregular verbs (infinitive-past-past participle) beginning with the selected letter as they can think of.Explain that irregular verbs will be awarded 1 or 2 points depending on the difficulty of their spelling or on their frequency at an intermediate level. Challenge students to try the difficult ones.Set a timer for the allotted time and when time is up, display the answers by clicking on the interactive letter.Student B gets 1 point or 2 points (depending on the verb) only if he has correctly spelt the verb in the past and past participle.Now, it 's Student B's turnNOTE: What do As or Bs do while it's the other student's turn to compete? They can also do the challenge, but no points will be awarded!



2 pointsarise arose arisen awake awoke awoken

make made made mean meant meant meet met met

1 pointwake woke wokenwin won won write wrote written2 pointswear wore wornweep wept wept

1 pointunderstand understood understood

get got got give gave given go went gone grow grew grown

1 pointget got got give gave given go went gone 2 pointsgrow grew grown

1 pointcatch caught caughtchoose chose chosencome came comecost cost costcut cut cut2 pointscling clung clungcreep crept crept

1 pointlearn learnt learnt leave left leflend lent lent let let let lose lost lost2 pointslead led led lean leant leant leap leapt leaptlie lay lain