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English in the recent implemented LOE curricula: EOP and CLIL

November 2019

Teachers' Presentations



ESP (EOP) or CLIL?There are small methodological differences between ESP and CLIL, both approaches converge more than they differ, there is a need for scaffolding in both approaches in order to help students meet their goals. (N. Nashaat Sobhy, C. Berzosa and Fiona M. Crean 2013) The need of scaffolding might mean that authentic material is being adapted in the same way. ESP and Content-Based Teaching were originally created to cater for occupational needs and formed a continuum with a language-driven end on one side and a content-driven end on the other


CLIL is...

Task-based Learning and Teaching

TBLT is a pedagogical approach to language instruction with the central aim of preparing students to accomplish real-world tasks that are directly relevant to their needs (Long, 1985; Norris, 2009)

TBLT Step by step:

  • Pre-task phase: the teacher introduces the topic and familiarizes students with the professional situation.
  • Task- performance phase: students perform the task in pairs or groups.
  • Post- task phase: task outcome and feedback. (language serves as the means for achieving the outcome, not as an end in its own right).

Project-based Learning & Teaching: step by step

  • Initial brainstorming / ideas gathering
  • Divide into groups & discuss problem / ideas
  • Allocate roles / responsibilities
  • Do research using books / internet / other people
  • Translate research into outcomes: Written outcome / presentation slides / oral presentation
  • Reflection: Self evaluation / Peer evaluation of Final outcome

Working with challenges

And now... A CLIL teacher should:

  • Create a safe and enriching learning environment.
  • Act as a facilitator (not a sage on the stage, but a guide on the side)
  • Support language learning in content classes and content learning in language classes.
  • Create opportunities for learners to use the language

Simplified Matrix Design

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