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The Popular prize will be awarded to 5 participants based on positivefeedback about their final projects. During the initial assessment by thepublic, each participant’s project will be rated through social networks.The 5 participants to get the most votes will become finalists and move on tothe final period round.,WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOUR GENIUS AND WE ARE GOING TO REWARD YOU FOR IT,JURY AWARD,Download the complete legal conditions:,Every participant can choose from three prize categories:,A reward for candidates who submit some of the best projects based on thediscretion of the competition organizers.During the initial voting period, the Jury will select 5 finalists and choose the winner from them.,If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us:info@genial.lyFacebook: Twitter: www.genialawards.comwww.genial.ly,The GENIAL AWARDS aim to highlight the important role of new technology in Education and Communications. We want to reward students who can create ​​the best presentations for their Bachelor’s End of Course Project (TFG) and for the Master's Thesis Project through the Genially platform.,POPULAR AWARD,www.genialawards.com,Any student in University or Business School performing their Projects during the 2015/16 academic year can participate in the GENIAL AWARDS. They must complete a brief registration form and upload their Bachelor’s End of Course Project (TFG) or Master's Thesis Project (TFM) made ​​in Genial.ly format. Participation in the contest is free.,SPECIAL AWARD,This prize can only be awarded to contestants that are not in other categories. Once the initial round of voting is over, a random drawing will be done to select five contestants to win. ,Every participant can only be selected as a winner in one of the categories,Evaluation Criteria